Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CNN: 'Innocence of Muslims' Actress Apologizes

One of the actors from the anti-Islamic film that incited attacks on U.S. Embassies in Libya and Egypt claims she had no idea what the movie was about. A job is a job.

Gotcha Links of the Day | Donald Trump Misses Mubarak and Gaddafi

Donald Trump has a unique reaction to the U.S. Embassy attacks in Libya and Egypt.
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Pussy Riot is getting out of jail early. (That wasn't so bad, right?)
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David Letterman is getting a much-deserved Kennedy Center Honor.
ᔥ LA Times
Paul Ryan is spending a lot of money hedging his bets in Wisconsin (presumably without any help from Sheldon Adelson).
ᔥ Gawker
Only Sarah Palin can work a dick joke into her criticism of President Obama.
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Jay Pharoah is Officially SNL's New Obama

It was rumored when he joined the show two years ago, but Lorne Michaels just confirmed that Jay Pharoah (who is actually black) will taking over President Obama duties from Fred Armisen starting this weekend. Here's Pharoah doing his Obama impression, along with some of his other specialties.
Michaels also told the New York Times that Jason Sudeikis is returning to play Mitt Romney and Joe Biden and he's leaning towards Taran Killam for Paul Ryan. I'm still holding out hope for Kate McKinnon as Jennifer Granholm.

60 MINUTES: Obama Responds to Romney's Accusations on Libya Attack

In this preview of Sunday's interview, President Obama says Mitt Romney has a tendency to "shoot first, aim later."

INSIDER: 'Parks and Rec' Goes to Washington

Go behind-the-scenes as season five of Parks and Recreation takes over Washington, D.C.

Paul Ryan Blames Obama for Libya Attack

Paul Ryan goes one step further than Mitt Romney, blaming President Obama's foreign policy for causing the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya.

CNN: Newt Gingrich Stands With Mitt Romney on Libya

Unlike most other prominent Republicans, Newt Gingrich is aligning himself directly with Mitt Romney's criticism of the Obama administration's response to the attacks on U.S. embassies in Libya and Egypt.

FOX NEWS: Peggy Noonan on Romney's Libya Statement

Even Peggy Noonan agrees that Mitt Romney's "not doing himself any favors" by politicizing the Libya embassy attack.
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JIMMY KIMMEL: Snoop Dogg's Obama Campaign Ad

Jimmy Kimmel wants to see the Obama campaign embrace the rhetoric of Snoop Dogg's Lion's endorsement.

Mitt Romney Politicizes Libya Ambassador's Death

With his written statement last night and news conference this morning, Mitt Romney showed no hesitation to turn the attack on the American embassy in Libya, which killed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three others, into a political attack on President Obama.
Romney is primarily responding to a statement put out by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo that was issued without the President's involvement and before the diplomats in Libya were killed. Foreign policy is widely viewed to be one of Romney's weakest areas and his eagerness to turn an act of terrorism into a political fight demonstrates his naiveté and desperation. Romney saw an opening to further his false narrative of President Obama as "apologizer-in-chief" and ran with it, without considering the context or consequences.
Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt released a statement last night expressing "shock" that Romney would politicize this tragedy. By the time President Obama appeared on live TV this morning (with Hillary Clinton by his side) to address the events, he did his duty as Commander-in-Chief without sinking to his opponent's level and dignifying his baseless attacks with a response.