Thursday, September 13, 2012

LAST WORD: Lawrence O'Donnell on Fox News Poll Spin

With The Daily Show and Colbert Report off this week, Lawrence O'Donnell did his best to fill in and mock Bill O'Reilly's attempt to spin the new Fox News poll that has Obama leading by five points.

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Gotcha Links of the Day | Kanye West vs. Mitt Romney

Even Kanye West knows that Mitt Romney "don't pay no taxes."
ᔥ Tumblr
Next Tuesday, you can catch Mitt Romney in the morning on Live with Kelly! (and Michael Strahan, I guess) and President Obama at night on the Late Show with David Letterman.
ᔥ Washington Post
John Walsh from had been warning the authorities about Innocence of Muslims for months.
If the Romney campaign is secretly editing New York Times articles, then the whole liberal media conspiracy theory is going to need some rethinking.
ᔥ Mediaite
President Obama either really loves beer or he's realized that it's his best chance to connect with voters who would otherwise dismiss him.
ᔥ The Week

TODAY SHOW: Seth Meyers Previews SNL's New Season

Seth Meyers appeared on the Today Show this morning with Matt Lauer to elaborate on Lorne Michaels' big scoop from yesterday and confirm that he will not be playing Paul Ryan.

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ELLEN: Young Presidential Experts at the RNC

Ellen Degeneres sent four and six-year-old brothers to the GOP convention, presumably to demonstrate how much smarter they are then the delegates.

Mitt Romney Was Going to Do a Moment of Silence

But he can't control a small crowd of his "supporters," so he'll just skip it.

Todd Akin: Obama Apologizes Because He Doesn't Like America

It was only a matter of time before Todd Akin made another incredibly ignorant comment that will infuriate most Americans but play well to his Tea Party base.

KEY AND PEELE: Obama's Anger Translator Responds to Clint Eastwood

Luther tells Clint Eastwood what he would have said if he were sitting in that empty chair at the GOP convention.

JIMMY FALLON: Florence Welch Sings 'Balls in Your Mouth'

Jimmy Fallon is not letting up on BP, reprising the song about tar balls from the oil spill he performed with Eddie Vedder last fall, this time with Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine.