Friday, September 14, 2012

CNN: Clint Eastwood on GOP Convention Speech

In his first televised interview since he stole the show at the RNC, Clint Eastwood basically says that he does whatever he wants because he's too old for anyone to tell him what to do.


Their full appearance doesn't air until Tuesday, but here are some of the most ridiculous moments, including the answer to "the most serious question of all": Honey Boo Boo or Snooki?

Gotcha Links of the Day | New Hampshire Bears for Romney

This photo is going to present a major conflict of interest for Stephen Colbert.
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Prepare yourself for the coming "Wake the fuck up!" Samuel L. Jackson for Obama campaign ad.
ᔥ NYPost
If you feel like you never see Glenn Beck and Eliot Spitzer these days, it's because they're hanging out together.
Who's this "former terrorist" who spoke after Paul Ryan at today's Values Voter Summit?
Tough break, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
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TOTALLY BIASED: W. Kamau Bell Breaks Down Chuck Norris' Politics

W. Kamau Bell does the math on Chuck Norris' "1,000 years of darkness" prophesy.

FOX NEWS: Ann Romney on Media Bias

After complaining that she and her husband "get picked on more than anyone else" she avoids Neil Cavuto's question on whether the media is fair by saying "That is gonna get me in trouble if I answer that honestly."
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ELLEN: Obama and Romney Nice Political Ads

Ellen DeGeneres' political comedy is the nicest political comedy.
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Paul Ryan Heckled at Value Voters Summit

A protester yelled "Corporations are not people!" at Paul Ryan before the crowd shouted back with the standard GOP response of "USA! USA! USA!"

Michele Bachmann Calls Obama 'The Most Dangerous President'

After kindly reminding us that she's "no master war strategist" at the annual Values Voter Summit, Michele Bachmann concludes that Barack Obama is "the most dangerous President we've ever had on American foreign policy."