Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama Sings MC Hammer's 'U Didn't Build That'

From the man who brought you "The Real Mitt Romney."

GIFs From Last Week | Obama Gets Picked Up

Look back at the week in politics through animated GIFs, courtesy of GIFs From Last Night.
President Obama gets picked up.
The Today Show is the only morning show that went with Kris Jenner over the 9/11 moment of silence.
Mitt Romney was very pleased with how his press conference on the U.S. Embassy attack in Libya went.
President Obama responds to the latest accusations from Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney talks Snooki on Live with Kelly and Michael
Rick Santorum speaks the truth at the Values Voter Summit.

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SNL: Mitt Romney Bain Capital Ad

In case the cold open wasn't hard enough on Mitt Romney, SNL hammered him again with this devastating attack ad that President Obama approves, but is not real proud of.