Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DAILY SHOW: Mitt Romney vs. the 47 Percent

Jon Stewart spent a large portion of The Daily Show Tuesday night unpacking Mitt Romney's "47 percent" comments and other unfortunate statements from the leaked fundraiser videos.

O'REILLY FACTOR: Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly Preview Rumble Debate

Jon Stewart stopped by the O'Reilly Factor tonight to explain why he's sinking to Bill O'Reilly's level for their upcoming debate.

JIMMY FALLON: Mitt Romney Speaks to the 47 Percent

With President Obama talking about the fundraiser video leak on Letterman tonight, it's only fitting that Mitt Romney is delivering another exclusive press conference on Fallon.

LETTERMAN: Obama on Romney's 47 Percent Comment

President Obama makes his first public response to the leaked Mitt Romney fundraiser video on the Late Show tonight, reiterating that "if you want to be President, you've got to work for everybody, not just some."

FOX NEWS: Mitt Romney Talks About the 47 Percent with Neil Cavuto

Mitt Romney continues his attempt at damage control after the leaked fundraiser videos by going on Fox News saying he totally still cares about the 47 percent of Americans he previously dismissed, he's just accepted that they don't like him.
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Clint Eastwood Calls Mitt Romney 'Dumb'

As if things weren't going badly enough for Mitt Romney today, now Clint Eastwood is saying that if he was "dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention and say something, they're gonna have to take what they get."
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Mitt Romney's Full Leaked Fundraiser Video

Have forty-nine minutes to spare? Now you can watch the full leaked video from Mitt Romney's controversial fundraiser, courtesy of Mother Jones.
Of particular note is the portion of the video about nine minutes into the second part, in which Romney explains the late night wars to his audience. You see, David Letterman "hates" Mitt Romney now, since he's done the Tonight Show more than he's done the Late Show. This is because the two men are very competitive with each other.

Press Secretary Jay Carney Responds to Romney's 47 Percent Comments

Mitt Romney helped make Jay Carney's job just a little bit easier today.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Mitt Romney's 47 Percent Comments

Conservatives as varied as David Brooks, Bill Kristol and Rep. Allen West are all speaking out against Mitt Romney's dismissal of 47 percent of the country as a private fundraiser earlier this year, but not everyone on the right is ready to give up on him. The hosts of Fox and Friends and their viewers could not be happier with the content of the leaked video, concluding that his comments didn't go far enough.

CONAN: Clint Eastwood on GMA

Conan O'Brien shows footage of Clint being Clint on Good Morning America.

Obama Campaign Releases '47 Percent' Ad

Less than 24 hours after the leaked videos from Mitt Romney's private fundraiser appeared on Mother Jones, the Obama campaign has released this online ad in which Americans react to his divisive words.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Reviews 'Innocence of Muslims'

Stephen Colbert catches up on the international news he missed last week by defending Mitt Romney's response to the attacks across the Muslim world and the rights of American filmmakers to make bad movies.

DAILY SHOW: Spreading Democracy Hypocrisy

Jon Stewart shows damning clips of Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin, but saves the worst of it for Mitt Romney's foreign policy advisor Dan Senor.

Keith Olbermann's 'Special Comment' on Romney's Leaked Fundraiser Video

After Mitt Romney's hastily-arranged press conference, Keith Olbermann hastily used his phone to put out his insightful thoughts on the matter.
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