Wednesday, September 19, 2012

JAY LENO: Joe Scarborough Used to Hate Bill Clinton

Joe Scarborough tells Jay Leno that if he could get over his hatred of Bill Clinton than today's Republican members of Congress should be able to cooperate with President Obama.

UNIVISION: Mitt Romney Embraces the 100%

When Jorge Ramos opened today's Univision "Meet the Candidates" Forum in Miami with a question about Mitt Romney's 47 percent comments, Romney pretended like that whole thing never happened and repeated four times that his campaign is about the "100 percent."
Later during a question and answer session with the audience, Romney admitted that when President Obama called him the "grandfather of Obamacare" during the primary his campaign thought it "might not be helpful." But now that he's speaking in front of a Hispanic crowd that seems to like health care, he'll gladly accept the compliment.

LETTERMAN: Dave Doesn't Hate Mitt Romney

If you watch the full leaked Mitt Romney fundraiser video, you'll discover a less newsworthy section where he explains that David Letterman hates him because he's been on the Tonight Show more than the Late Show. Dave makes a point to debunk this theory and invite Mitt and Ann Romney back on his show anytime they want.
"I certainly don't hate Mitt because he's been on Leno's show. I mean, why hate a guy who's suffered through that?"

What Makes Mitt Romney Happy

If you thought Mitt Romney's comments about the 47 percent were insensitive, wait until you see this.

Gotcha Links of the Day | Obama Talks Like a Pirate

On Talk Like a Pirate Day, President Obama asks "Arr you in?"
ᔥ Twitter
Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell gets another season (or "cycle" as FX is calling it for some reason).
ᔥ AV Club
Mitt Romney writes an op-ed for the kids in the hip, new USA Today.
ᔥ USA Today
Peggy Noonan wants to hold an intervention for Mitt Romney.
Next month, you can watch Mitt Romney battle it out with four "sharp-tongued" ladies and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View.
ᔥ HuffPost Media
Mitt Romney disses his wife in one of the less-talked-about pieces of leaked audio this week.
ᔥ Jezebel
James O'Keefe is sick of the mainstream media's double standard on hidden camera footage.
ᔥ The Atlantic Wire
Morning Joe is pitting Politico against The Huffington Post.
ᔥ BuzzFeed

Randy Newman is 'Dreaming of a White President'

Randy Newman gives Obama-hating racists a (satirical) anthem for 2012.
ᔥ The Daily What

Adam Scott and Rashida Jones Want Iowa to Vote Early

The stars of Parks and Rec give Iowans suggestions for things they can do on Election Day since they will have already voted by then.

TODAY SHOW: Donald Trump Reveals RNC 'Surprise'

Weeks after the Republican National Convention, the Today Show has uncovered Donald Trump's promised "surprise" video in which he tells an Obama look-a-like "You're fired."
The clip was supposed to air on the first night of the convention, but got scrapped due to Hurricane Isaac. Fortunately for Mitt Romney and America, the RNC pulled out an even better surprise in the form of Clint Eastwood and his empty chair.

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CONAN: More Mitt Romney Leaked Video

Conan O'Brien releases some more shocking video from the Mitt Romney fundraiser.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Colbert 'Elegantly' Restates Mitt Romney's 47 Percent Remarks

Stephen Colbert does Mitt Romney a favor and conveys his takedown of the 47 percent in the elegant manner it deserved.
Not to be outdone, John Hodgman offered his own elegant reading of Romney's point in this online exclusive from The Daily Show.