Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gotcha Links of the Day | Racist Subway Ads Labeled Racist

The "Support Israel, Defeat Jihad" posters in the NYC subways are getting the highbrow vandalism they so clearly deserve.
ᔥ Mediaite
Iran is boycotting the Oscars over Oscar-hopeful Innocence of Muslims.
ᔥ FilmDrunk
Jonah Lehrer's defense of his plagiarism scandal probably won't be published in The New Yorker.
ᔥ The Atlantic Wire
It's National Voter Registration Day, so get on that!
ᔥ National Voter Registration Day

JAY LENO: Ann Romney Reacts to Mitt Romney Dancing 'Gangnam Style'

"That's Mitt!"

Mitt Tries, Fails to Start 'Romney! Ryan!' Chant

When you can't get a crowd of your supporters to chant your ticket's name, you know you're in trouble.

Paul Ryan Compares NFL Refs to Obama

Like his buddy Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Paul Ryan takes a surprisingly pro-union stand by demanding the NFL reinstate the official referees. And, so it doesn't just seem like he's randomly complaining about the Packers losing, he stretches it into an attack on President Obama.

Madonna Endorses 'Black Muslim' Barack Obama

Madonna used her concert last night in Washington, D.C. to make her support for President Obama known, even if she's a little unclear about his religious beliefs.

FUNNY OR DIE: How Celebrities Rock the Vote

Joel McHale, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris and more of your favorite celebrities tell you why they're voting this year.

The Onion's Voter Guide: Barack Obama

In their Voter's Guide to President Obama, The Onion tells you everything you need to know to make an informed decision this November.

The Onion Voter's Guide To Barack Obama

Scott Brown Staffers Mock Native American Elizabeth Warren

In a confrontation between the two Massachusetts Senate campaigns, Scott Brown supporters, including his Chief of Staff, resorted to "Indian war whoops" and "tomahawk chops." At least they can all agree that the Yankees suck.
ᔥ BuzzFeed

CONAN: Jordan Peele on Meeting Obama

The man who performs Obama favorite impression of himself gives Conan O'Brien some inside info on the President's dark sense of humor.

THE VIEW: Obama Says America Could 'Survive' a Romney Presidency

President Obama doesn't think electing Mitt Romney will destroy America, but he wouldn't recommend it.

Steve Carell Wants You to Vote

If you don't go to OurTime.org and register to vote, Steve Carell will come to your house and box your ears.

CONAN: Mitt Romney's '60 Minutes' Interview

Conan O'Brien shows the most disturbing portion of Mitt Romney's recent interview with 60 Minutes.

Get Your War On: Romney's Sex Tape

The new animated series of the classic comic strip takes on Mitt Romney's leaked fundraiser videos.

ᔥ HuffPost Comedy

JIMMY KIMMEL: Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Attack Ad on Eric Stonestreet

Jesse Tyler Ferguson starts next year's Emmy campaign early with this attack ad on his Modern Family co-star Eric Stonestreet who's stealing jobs from gay Americans.

Mitt Romney Ready for His Bill Clinton Bump

Mitt Romney admits that the only reason he chose to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative was the possibility of public praise from the former president. "A few words from Bill Clinton can do a man a lot of good."

RACHEL MADDOW: Mitt Romney Doesn't Know Why Airplane Windows Don't Roll Down

Somebody had to make fun of Mitt Romney for this and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were taking a well-deserved post-Emmys break last night.

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