Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gotcha Links of the Day | Mitt Romney is Prince Humperdinck

Matt Taibbi thinks Mitt Romney is like Prince Humperdinck.
ᔥ Rolling Stone
Remember those UC Davis students who were peppered-sprayed last year? Now they are millionaires.
ᔥ Huffington Post
Samuel L. Jackson's "Wake the Fuck Up" pro-Obama nursery rhyme has some more lyrics.
ᔥ Mother Jones
Andy Borowitz figures out the perfect way to combine the NFL replacement refs and the 2012 presidential race.
ᔥ New Yorker
Roger Simon pulls a David Brooks with Stench-gate.
ᔥ Politico

Obama and Romney Sing Miley Cyrus' 'Party in the USA'

BaracksDubs creates their first duet between 2012's presidential opponents.
ᔥ Power of 12

Obama 'Channels' Mitt Romney

President Obama inadvertently channeled his opponent for a few seconds at a campaign rally today when he said he wanted to export more "jobs" instead of "products."

ELLEN: Paul Ryan and Joe Biden Nice Campaign Ads

Ellen Degeneres follows up her nice campaign ads from Obama and Romney with these new ones from their running mates.

CONAN: Who The Hell is Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

Conan O'Brien is outraged that a Survivor loser would grill President Obama like this.

MORNING JOE: Scarborough on 'Romney! Ryan!' Chant Fail

Joe Scarborough sums up his reaction to Mitt Romney's failure to fire up his base in two words: "Sweet Jesus."

COLBERT REPORT: The Five Stages of Mitt Romney Grief

Fox News and Stephen Colbert aren't paying attention to the polls, because if they did they would have to start "mourning the death of the Romney campaign."

DAILY SHOW: Mitt Romney is Getting Dumber

And President Obama is the luckiest man in the world.