Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama Raps Jay-Z's '99 Problems'

We already saw Iman Crosson as President Obama perform this Jay-Z hit, now we have it from the man himself.

LARRY KING NOW: Bill Maher on Paul Ryan

In his appearance on Larry King's Hulu show, Bill Maher saved his harshest criticisms for Paul Ryan, who he compared to the pimp from Taxi Driver.
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DAILY SHOW: Obama, Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu at the UN

Jon Stewart found this week's United Nations General Assembly rhetoric to be entirely too peaceful. Until Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pulled out his cartoon bomb chart.

Dave Hill: Swing Voter

Uninformed comedian Dave Hill is traveling the country trying to figure out who he should be voting for.

Colonel Allen West vs. Drunken Patrick Murphy

Rep. Allen West's new ad asks voters to put aside policy and views and rahter focus on what he and his opponent were up to one night nine years ago.