Sunday, September 30, 2012

Obama Says He's 'Just OK' at Debating

At a rally in Las Vegas Sunday night, President Obama gets in on the debate expectations game.

GIFs From Last Week | Jimmy Kimmel, Madonna, Samuel L. Jackson and David Letterman Endorse Obama

Look back at the week in politics through animated GIFs, courtesy of GIFs From Last Night.
Jimmy Kimmel opens the Emmy Awards with a Mitt Romney joke.
Mitt Romney wants his Bill Clinton bump.
Joel McHale tells you why he's voting this year.
Madonna delivers an unconventional endorsement of President Obama.
Mitt Romney dances "Gangnam Style" on Jay Leno.
Joe Scarborough reacts to Mitt Romney’s “Romney/Ryan” chant fail.
Samuel L. Jackson stars in a new pro-Obama super PAC ad.
Jon Stewart helps Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu solve the Iranian nuclear problem.
David Letterman threatens Mitt Romney.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Rashida Jones Pocket Donate to Obama

Now you donate to President Obama without even using your hands.

Christie, Gingrich Raise Stakes for Romney's First Debate

If you've been paying any attention to political media over the last week, you may have seen a lot of talk about the debate expectations game. It's common wisdom that the only time politicians praise their opponents in earnest is right before a debate. And with the first presidential debate set for Wednesday night, this time is no different. Each campaign has been putting out memos on how well-trained the opposition is and how their own guy hasn't really had that much experience or time to practice.
However, it seems these memos failed to reach two key Republican "allies" appearing on this morning's political talk shows. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who admittedly hasn't always been on the same page as the Romney campaign, opened his Meet the Press interview by laying down the gauntlet for Wednesday night's debate. Christie put pressure on his friend Mitt Romney by saying "come Thursday morning, the entire narrative of this race is going to change."

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Romney's former rival Newt Gingrich continued this trend on Face the Nation, saying that without a strong debate performance no challenger can expect to beat the incumbent.
These admissions by Christie and Gingrich may simply amount to surprising honesty from two Republicans who are generally less likely to sugarcoat. Whatever their motives, raising the stakes like this for Mitt Romney goes a long way to undo Republican efforts in the debate expectations game.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Paul Ryan 'Doesn't Have The Time' to Explain Romney's Tax Plan

His interview on Fox News Sunday this morning didn't allow Paul Ryan enough time to explain how the Romney/Ryan tax plan would be deficit neutral. But this of course begs the question, how much time would that take and will anyone give him the platform to do so?
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