Monday, October 1, 2012

Scott Brown Likes All of the Supreme Court Justices

If Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown had to pick one "model Supreme Court justice" he would choose Scalia, Kennedy, Roberts and Sotomayor because that's just the kind of Independent he is.
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Gotcha Links of the Day | Mitt Romney Can Haz Zingers?

Here's a list of zingers you can expect from Mitt Romney Wednesday night.
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An Aurora, Colorado shooting victim returns to a movie theater to ask the 2012 presidential candidates to take gun control seriously.
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Nate Silver clearly watched a lot of football this past weekend.
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Florida Rep. Allen West wraps up the porn star vote.
ᔥ Wonkette
It is now officially illegal to cure homosexuality in California.
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Mitt Romney's Garbage Man Endorses Obama

In one ad in a new series from the AFSCME union, the man who picks up Mitt Romney's trash in La Jolla, California talks about how it feels to know the candidate doesn't care about him.
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LETTERMAN: Stephen Colbert Talks Oprah

Stephen Colbert makes David Letterman jealous by telling him what it's like to spend a few hours one-on-one with Oprah Winfrey and have her shower you with gifts at the end.

Stephen Colbert Co-Hosting GMA Tuesday Morning

Stephen Colbert's "not really a morning person" so he's looking forward to cooking meth with George Stephanopoulos tomorrow on Good Morning America.

BLOOMBERG: Owner Woody Johnson Would Take Romney Win Over New York Jets Success

At least he's got his priorities straight.
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Tammy Baldwin vs. Tommy Thompson on Gay Marriage

Compare and contrast these responses to a question about gay marriage in the recent Wisconsin Senate debate. See if you can tell which one is the elderly straight man and which is the younger, openly gay woman.
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Indecision 2012 Attacks Brian Williams

Comedy Central's election coverage has moved on from Fox News and CNN to softer targets like the irresistibly handsome Brian Williams.
"Are you looking for someone to date your mom... or a news man?"

MORNING JOE: Joe Scarborough Addresses 'Romney/Ryan' Chant Controversy

Joe Scarborough has had enough of the "Cheetos Brigade" and their conspiracy theories around things like last week's "Sweet Jesus" moment.

Red Sox Fan Mitt Romney Invested in the Yankees

The ultimate flip-flop.
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JEST: Mitt Romney's Self-Destruct Button

The secret behind Mitt Romney's worst gaffes.

The 5 Most Awkward Mitt Romney Debate Moments of the 2012 Campaign

Mitt Romney comes face to face with President Obama for the first time on the debate stage this Wednesday night. Earlier this year, Romney succeeded in his Republican primary fight by proving to be the least crazy candidate in a particularly unhinged GOP field.
Over the past year and a half, Ron Paul called for the legalization of heroin, Rick Santorum called Africa a "country,", Newt Gingrich mixed up basketball and football and Rick Perry ended his campaign with a single "Oops."
Mitt Romney may have emerged victorious, but he had plenty of gaffes and missteps along the way. On Sunday, his GOP allies maintained that he needs an exceptional debate performance to change the narrative of the race. We will have to wait and see if he can avoid moments like these.
Last October in Las Vegas, Romney got testy with Rick Perry over accusations that he hired "illegals" to work on his home. But he slipped up when he revealed that his only objection to the practice was that he's "running for office for Pete's sake!"
Romney got off to a rough start at the CNN debate last November, telling Wolf Blitzer that his first name is Mitt when technically it's "Willard."
In Iowa, Romney cemented his reputation as the candidate of the 1% by casually trying to make a $10,000 bet with Rick Perry.
Down in South Carolina, Romney made sure to highlight his limited hunting "exploits" by saying he recently went moose elk hunting.
In his intro at an Arizona debate in February, Romney found the opportunity to (mis)quote George Costanza when the audience cut him off with applause.
Will Mitt Romney achieve robot-like precision and emerge unscathed? Or will he get his wires crossed and finally break down for good? Tune in Wednesday night to find out.

OPRAH: The 'Real' Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert sits down with Oprah Winfrey to talk about the difference between him and his character and his direct impact on American politics.

FUNNY OR DIE: Blacks for Romney

As Nicki Minaj, Lil' Wayne and Kanye West have demonstrated, African-Americans can find lots of good reasons to vote for Mitt Romney.