Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CONAN: Obama and Romney Are Terrible Debaters

Maybe there's some truth after all behind the debate expectations game.

JIMMY FALLON: Mitt Romney Asks You Not to Watch the Debates

Before Wednesday night's debate, Mitt Romney previews some of his zingers and suggests that perhaps you watch something else instead.

Bad Lip Reading - Paul Ryan Video Diary

Paul Ryan is a Nickelback-loving teenager in this new video from the Bad Lip Reading crew.

COLLEGEHUMOR: Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

Jay Leno hinted at this idea with Ann Romney last week and Jimmy Fallon invented "Gingham Style" in his Rom Bomb vlog, but CollegeHumor just took it to the next level.

Sam Seder Schools Dave Hill

Swing voter Dave Hill gets some important info from the vastly more-informed Sam Seder.

The Onion Voter's Guide: Mitt Romney

After taking on President Obama's life and experience, The Onion reviews Mitt Romney's losing history, fake religion and flexible policies.

The Onion Voter's Guide To Mitt Romney

P-P-P Paul Ryan Music Video

"If anyone can tell me what to do with my body, it's you."

Mittformer Action Figure Commercial

The Etch A Sketch isn't the only toy that can perfectly demonstrate Mitt Romney's ability to change positions at whim.

CONAN: Obama is an Awful Dinner Guest

Conan O'Brien can't believe President Obama is letting America see his terrible dinner manners.

LETTERMAN: Politician Excuses Top Ten

After Paul Ryan told Chris Wallace he didn't have the time to explain Mitt Romney's tax policy, David Letterman looks at other, equally ridiculous political excuses.

GMA: Stephen Colbert Then and Now

Stephen Colbert acted as guest co-host this morning on Good Morning America, at one point telling Jenny McCarthy that she's going to hell.
Fifteen years ago, a young man named "Steve Colbert" reported for GMA from a Rube Goldberg competition.

DAILY SHOW: Obama-Romney Debate Zinger Preview

Jon Stewart explains the debate expectations game and previews some of Mitt Romney's best zingers.