Wednesday, October 3, 2012

JIMMY FALLON: Political Celebrity Whispers

Jimmy Fallon's Celebrity Whispers series listens in on the year in politics.

Liberal Media Says Mitt Romney Won Debate

Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and even Obama advisor Stephanie Cutter are giving this debate to Mitt Romney. We'll have to wait and see if American people agree.

DENVER DEBATE: Mitt Romney Loves Big Bird

But he will cut all subsidies for PBS.

DENVER DEBATE: Obama Lands 'Never Mind' Zinger

President Obama lands the first big zinger of the night, calling Mitt Romney's big, bold tax plan "never mind."

Gotcha Links of the Day | Debate Advice for Obama and Romney

President Obama and Mitt Romney are getting unsolicited debate advice from everyone.
Newt Gingrich: "Be on offense without being offensive."
ᔥ The Last Word
Bob Shrum: "Zingers don't work."
ᔥ CBS News
Donald Trump: Go Birther.
ᔥ Daily Intel
Bill O'Reilly: "Smack the President."
ᔥ Media Matters
Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Be as honest as possible."
ᔥ Yahoo
[Image ᔥ Policy Mic]

LETTERMAN: Rick Santorum Disses Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum makes sure to praise Reagan and Clinton, but doesn't really have anything nice to say about Mitt Romney.

NEW GIRL: Schmidt is Tagg/Tugg Romney

On last night's New Girl, Schmidt did his best impression of a Romney son.

Stewie Griffin Offers Obama-Romney Debate Prediction

"I think, at this point, Obama could walk out onto the stage with his penis out and he's still going to win."
ᔥ HuffPost Comedy

Libertarian Gary Johnson Crowd Surfs

Gary Johnson wants to rely on people, not government.
ᔥ NowThis News

Mitt Romney Visits Chipotle, Takes Hilarious Photo

Now you can see video of this hero Chipotle employee taking the best photo ever with Mitt Romney.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Mitt Romney's Butler Ad

Jimmy Kimmel continues his Mitt Romney Downton Abbey analogy with this response to the recent ad starring Romney's garbage man.

LETTERMAN: Jack Black as Mitt Romney

So far, David Letterman hasn't been able to secure an interview with Mitt Romney so he decided to set up a simulation.

COLBERT REPORT: Obama-Romney Debate Preview

Stephen Colbert previews the event that could change everything.

DAILY SHOW: Larry Wilmore on Voter Suppression

Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore launches the "get out the fraud" effort.

FOX NEWS: Tucker Carlson Reports on 2007 Obama Speech for the Second Time

I'm not inclined to give the innocuous 2007 speech by Obama about race and the government response to Hurricane Katrina any more attention that it's already been lavished by the Drudge Report, Fox News and others. But it's too hard to ignore the single best moment of last night's coverage, when Tucker Carlson came out of the woodwork and summed up the story in one, tidy, self-contradicting quote.
"People say this has already been reported. Well actually it hasn't been reported. And I know, because I reported on it the first time."
ᔥ The Daily Beast