Thursday, October 4, 2012

PIERS MORGAN: Newt Gingrich and Jennifer Granholm Debate Big Bird

Jennifer Granholm chants "Save Big Bird!" and Newt Gingrich says he wants to liberate Big Bird from the bureaucracy of big government.

Obama vs. Romney Rap Battle Debate

Alphacat imagines what the first 2012 presidential debate would have been like as an old-school rap battle.

FOX NEWS: What Romney Would Have Said if Obama Had Brought Up the 47%

Mitt Romney has progressed from saying his "47 percent" comments were "not elegantly stated" to admitting they were "completely wrong."

Gotcha Links of the Day | Big Bird We Can Believe In

PBS fires back at Big Bird-hating Mitt Romney.
ᔥ Huffington Post
Jim Lehrer thinks he did a pretty good job last night. Pretty... pretty... pretty good.
ᔥ Politico
Whoever does social media for Kitchenaid is so fired right now.
ᔥ ThinkProgress
Ann Romney is set to annoy America in the morning next week.
Romney may have won the debate, but Obama is still winning when it comes to rally crowds.
ᔥ BuzzFeed
[Image ᔥ The Atlantic]

CONAN: Mitt Romney Kills Big Bird

Mitt Romney takes his promise to the next level in this classic North By Northwest-inspired scene from Follow That Bird.

JIMMY FALLON: Romney and Obama Shush Jim Lehrer

Mitt Romney and President Obama agree that Jim Lehrer should "shut the fuck up."

Ron Paul is an Undecided Voter

Ron Paul joins Joe Lieberman in the narrowing undecided voter camp, but says he's unlikely to vote for either Mitt Romney or President Obama.

Mitt Romney Debates Himself on Taxes

Daliy Kos takes a look at the difference between Mitt Romney's tax plan back in February during the Republican primary and the one he described at last night's debate with President Obama.

Obama: Romney Will 'Get Rid of Regulations on Wall Street, Crack Down on Sesame Street'

As the day progresses, President Obama refines his post-debate zingers against Mitt Romney's PBS proposal.

MSNBC: John Sununu Calls Obama 'Lazy'

Andrea Mitchell gives John Sununu a chance to take back his description of President Obama as "lazy" but he unsurprisingly sticks by his words.

'The Voice' Reacts to the Denver Debate

Even if political pundits were disappointed, the judges from The Voice were really digging President Obama last night.

Obama on 'Spirited Fellow Who Claimed to Be Mitt Romney'

At a campaign rally the morning after in Denver, President Obama is wondering where the "real Mitt Romney" was at last night's debate.

GMA: Jon Stewart Reacts to Denver Debate

Before we get to see how he handles it on The Daily Show tonight, Jon Stewart shares some critiques of President Obama's "rope-a-dope" strategy from last night's debate in Denver with Good Morning America (while plugging The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium).

MORNING JOE: David Axelrod on Why Obama Didn't Mention the 47%

David Axelrod defends President Obama's choice to take the high road and leave out mentions of Mitt Romney's 47 percent comments, tax returns or record at Bain Capital.
The pundits on the left definitely wanted to see Obama take on those issues in a more agressive manner. Perhaps those direct attacks against Romney's character would have made for better political theater and even fired up Obama's base more. But I'm inclined to agree with the Obama campaign that it's not what the small slice of undecided voters wanted to hear.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Mitt Romney Outsources Debate Zingers

Mitt Romney hired Jimmy Kimmel's favorite Indian call center workers to help him write zingers for the first debate.

LETTERMAN: Bad Debate Moderator Top Ten

David Letterman predicts Jim Lehrer's poor performance in the first presidential debate with his "Top Ten Signs You Have A Bad Debate Moderator."

Gregory Brothers Songify the Denver Debate

If you prefer your debate re-caps auto-tuned, this one's for you.

DAILY SHOW: Stephen Colbert as Bill O'Reilly in Mock Rumble

Stephen Colbert helps Jon Stewart prepare for The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium by standing in for Bill O'Reilly.