Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bill Clinton Calls Out Mitt Romney's Debate Lies

Former President Bill Clinton was not as impressed with Mitt Romney's debate performance as everyone else was.

PIERS MORGAN: Stacey Dash on Romney Endorsement

Clueless actress Stacey Dash is shocked by the backlash against her Mitt Romney endorsement and quotes Martin Luther King, Jr. to explain why she did so.

JIMMY FALLON: Mister Romney's Neighborhood

Mitt Romney takes off his jacket, puts on another identical jacket and presents the private sector version of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

CNN: Mitt Romney Doubles Down on Big Bird

Speaking with Wolf Blitzer on CNN today, Mitt Romney stood by his debate promise to eliminate federal funding for PBS, claiming that Sesame Street, like CNN, would survive just fine as a fully private enterprise.
It's an apt comparison, but not for the reasons Romney suggests. As most people, including Wolf Blitzer no doubt know, CNN isn't doing just fine. CNN's mission to stay mostly non-partisan has consistently landed the network far behind Fox News and MSNBC in the ratings. The need to compete with its more openly biased competitors has forced CNN to resort to gimmicks that PBS or NPR News currently don't need to stoop to. The funding that public broadcasting receives is essential precisely because it helps free its programming from the contraints of ratings-obsessed media.
Now, I can agree with Mitt Romney that the American people are probably more interested in saving jobs than saving Big Bird. But he's the one who brought it up. And as long as Romney sticks by this idea that it's worth sacrificing the immense value of PBS for the tiny fraction of the federal budget we would save, we can't just let it go.

FOX NEWS: Neil Cavuto Speaks Directly to Big Bird

President Obama's not the only one fixated on Big Bird after last week's debate. This afternoon on Fox News, Neil Cavuto delivered a heartfelt send-off to his friend "BB."
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'Do The Paul Ryan' Music Video

This new music video from The National 912 PAC is like the terrible, sincere response of the excellent "P-P-P Paul Ryan."
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Bad Lip Reading Does the First Debate as a Musical

Mitt Romney even won the Bad Lip Reading version of the first debate.

Kid Rock Apologizes for Barack Obama

This is how Kid Rock introduced Paul Ryan in Michigan yesterday.

THE VIEW: Bill O'Reilly Reviews Rumble with Jon Stewart

Bill O'Reilly recaps his debate with Jon Stewart with the ladies of The View and talks about the importance of the upcoming presidential debates.

Romney Brothers Pick 'Funniest Internet Videos of the Week'

Over the last few weeks, "Tagg and Craig Romney" have been traveling around talking to people on the street for their "Romney Rock!" web series. They also love viral videos and want to show some they've recently enjoyed.

JEST: Honest Voting Ad

Hopefully this is not as accurate a portrayal of today's youth in America as we all fear it probably is.
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Stephen Colbert creates a new political party for rich people who feel they've been persecuted by President Obama.

LETTERMAN: MItt Romney 'Gangnam Style'

David Letterman is a little late to the Mitt Romney "Gangnam Style" train, with Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno and CollegeHumor getting there first. But props to him for doing it anyway.

Evil Big Bird Stars in Obama Campaign Ad

The Obama campaign releases its funniest (and strangest) ad of the season, which uses Mitt Romney's logic to equate Big Bird with Bernie Madoff.