Thursday, October 11, 2012

MSNBC: Chris Matthews Says Biden Won the Debate

Chris Matthews feels a lot better about Vice President Joe Biden tonight than he did about President Obama last week.

VP DEBATE: Paul Ryan is No Jack Kennedy

Flashback to 1988.

VP DEBATE: Biden Calls Out Ryan's 'Malarkey'

Vice President Joe Biden uses his own brand of Irish charm to call out Paul Ryan on his lies.
Later, Biden went with the slightly more vague "bunch of stuff."

FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin Narrowly Avoids Saying 'Shit'

That was a close one.
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Joe Biden: 'You Ever See Me Rope-a-Dope?'

Vice President Joe Biden previews his debate style for this evening.

MSNBC: Romney Supporter Calls Obama a 'Communist' at VP Debate

You do not call President Obama a "Communist" in front of Chris Matthews and expect to get away with it.

Obama Presents Extreme Makeover: Romney Edition

President Obama adds some new lines to his stump speech about Mitt Romney's recent transformation, including the fact that he's gone from "severely conservative" to "severely kidding."

The Onion's Swing State Analysis: Ohio

The Onion News Network takes a closer look at why Ohio voters are better equipped than the rest of Americans to pick the president.

The Onion's Swing State Analysis: Ohio

Sarah Silverman for

Sarah Silverman, Rosie Perez, W. Kamau Bell and more funny people want you to know that the truth matters.

THE VIEW: Seth Meyers Previews the VP Debate

Seth Meyers offers the hosts of The View some insight onto the SNL writers' plans for tonight's VP debate and whether it will a cocktail night or not.

LETTERMAN: Why Mitt Romney Won't Be on the 'Late Show'

David Letterman looks back at the many things he's done that may be preventing Mitt Romney from appearing on his show.

DAILY SHOW: Obama Needs to Let Big Bird Go

Jon Stewart says what everyone on the left has been thinking: President Obama needs to move on from Big Bird.

FUNNY OR DIE: The Only Woman Voting for Mitt Romney

Selma Blair is supporting Mitt Romney because she hates herself.

Get Your War On: Romney's Bounce

Every Obama supporter's nightmare becomes reality.

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