Sunday, October 14, 2012

CNN: Arlen Specter, Stand-Up Comedian

Most people know Arlen Specter, who died earlier today at age 82, as a moderate Republican senator who switched to the Democratic side in 2009. But over the last few years after he left the Senate, Specter started a second career in stand-up comedy.

GIFs From Last Week | VP Debate

Look back at the week in politics through animated GIFs, courtesy of GIFs From Last Night.
President Obama compares himself to Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry and the other performers at his Los Angeles fundraiser.
Mitt Romney gets some unwanted face wiping in Florida.
Chris Matthews reacts to Jason Sudeikis’ impression of him.
Puppet versions of Jon Stewart, John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac rebrand Sesame Street for conservatives on The Daily Show.
Jimmy Fallon in Mister Romney’s Neighborhood.
Bill Clinton reacts to the first presidential debate.
Joe Biden does a flashback to 1988 in his vice presidential debate with Paul Ryan.
Kate McKinnon as Martha Raddatz lays down the law in the SNL Vice Presidential Debate.
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MEET THE PRESS: Stephen Colbert Full Interview

We saw a preview of their conversation on Friday, but here is David Gregory's full interview with the (mostly) real Stephen Colbert.

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