Monday, October 22, 2012

CONAN: Tribute to Florida

Conan O'Brien presents a tribute song to the state that may once again decide the presidential election.

DAILY SHOW: Not Optimal-Gate

Jon Stewart finds himself in the middle of a presidential controversy that somehow lost all context on its way to Fox News.

DEBATE #3: Bob Schieffer Says 'Obama bin Laden'

Bob Schieffer mixes up Obama and Osama on the biggest stage since Geraldo Rivera did it on Fox News the night bin Laden was killed.

DEBATE #3: 'This is Not a Game of Battleship'

President Obama does his best to make Mitt Romney look like a child when it comes to foreign policy, also informing him that the military has fewer horses and bayonets than it did at the beginning of the 20th century.

DEBATE #3: Obama to Romney 'The 1980’s Want Their Foreign Policy Back'

President Obama uses the classic George Costanza "jerk store" joke structure to mock Romney's assertion that Russia is our "greatest geo-political foe."

Mitt Romney is Still Speaking

Before the final presidential debate, look back at Mitt Romney's history of whining when anyone dares to interrupt him.
ᔥ NYMag

Gotcha Links of the Day | 'America Needs Romney' Blimp Fail

Is this an omen for Mitt Romney's chances in Florida? ᔥ Atlantic Wire
President Obama gets an entirely expected but eloquently written endorsement. ᔥ New Yorker
Mitt Romney thinks the term "Romnesia" isn't presidential, but is totally cool with headlining "Biketoberfest." ᔥ BuzzFeed
President Obama is heading to the Tonight Show on Wednesday night as part of his race to the finish late night tour. ᔥ Huffington Post
It looks like Stephen Colbert will briefly appear in The Hobbit. ᔥ THR

NIGHT OF TOO MANY STARS: Chris Matthews vs. Bill O'Reilly Helium Debate

In case you missed the broadcast last night, here's the full helium-infused debate between Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly.

'You Don't Own Me' PSA for Obama

Women including Lena Dunham, Carrie Brownstein, Miranda July and more lip sync Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" to get out the vote for President Obama.

"You Don't Own Me" PSA- Official from You Don't Own Me on Vimeo.


Obv 2012

This video, created for an Obama fundraiser at the UCB theater in Los Angeles, takes a look at how Mitt Romney became the GOP nominee.
ᔥ HuffPost Comedy

ADHD: Mitt Romney's 'Where You Hide Your Money' Rap Video

The latest from Fox's Animation Domination High Def teases an R-Money mixtape dropping November 6th.

JEST: Romney Can't Find Women For Ad

The Romney campaign had to comb through a lot of binders to find women willing to endorse him on TV.

UCB: Mitt Romney Pours a Glass of Water

This is what happens when Mitt Romney is alone.

CNN: Soledad O'Brien vs. Rudy Giuliani on Libya

Between her confrontations with John Sununu over the Romney/Ryan budget and now this dust up with Rudy Giuliani over the Obama administration's handling of Libya, Soledad O'Brien is proving herself to be one of the few TV journalists who won't take talking points for an answer.
Of course, that inevitably leads to her being labeled as biased and accused of asking "gotcha" questions. At this point, Republicans must appear on air with her looking for a fight. And so far, she's shown no hesitation in bringing that fight to them without worrying what people might say about her afterwards.

CNN: The Situation Asks Wolf Blitzer Why He Should Vote

Is The Situation an official correspondent on The Situation Room now?

FOX AND FRIENDS: Donald Trump's October Surprise

The Fox and Friends hosts play 20 questions with Donald Trump, who's planning to release something "bigger than anyone would know" about President Obama on Wednesday. Did he private investigators in Florida finally find something??
ᔥ Politco