Friday, October 26, 2012

BILL MAHER: New Rule on Mitt Romney

With 11 days to go before the election, Bill Maher lays out all of the reasons you should think twice before voting for "moderate" Mitt Romney.

MTV: Obama on Bob Marley, Hip Hop

President Obama makes sure to say that he doesn't agree with everything in Bob Marley's philosophy, but does say that the reggae legend had an influence on his worldview.

Preschoolers Reenact Obama vs. Romney Debates

Yep, this is a fairly accurate portrayal of the debates.
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Joe Biden Says Romney's Policies Come from 'Mad Men'

On the campaign trail in Wisconsin today, Joe Biden drops a Mad Men reference while discussing Mitt Romney's antiquated policies.

30 ROCK: Don Cheadle in Black Americans for Romney

Jack Donaghy gives Don Cheadle $10 million to endorse Mitt Romney and he still has trouble getting through it without gagging.

ED SCHULTZ: Mitt Romney Refuses to Answer Questions on Mourdock

Ed Schultz compares Mitt Romney's strong denouncement of Todd Akin to his lack of response on Richard Mourdock and wonders what has changed.

TOTALLY BIASED: Donald Trump as Bane from 'The Dark Knight Rises'

You've seen Mitt Romney as Bane, now here's Donald Trump pushing his birther agenda as the year's most evil villain.

Obama Rocks Yarmulke in Israel-Themed Campaign Ad

Just in case there are any Jews out there who are still on the fence, this one's for you.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Michelle Obama Will Make Sure You Vote

If Jimmy Kimmel sleeps in on Election Day, Michelle Obama has a plan to make sure he votes.

COLBERT REPORT: Tom Hanks' Halloween Costume Tips

Tom Hanks concludes his epic week of late night surprises with a guide to his favorite movie character costumes, including a very special visit from Private Ryan.

LETTERMAN: Tom Hanks in 'Lincoln'

David Letterman shows a brand new clip from Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.