Thursday, November 1, 2012

DAILY SHOW: Ohio is Swing State Hell

On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart looked at the dark hellscape that is downtown Manhattan. But things could be worse. You could live in Ohio.

Gotcha Links of the Day | Bloomberg Backs Romney

Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorses President Obama, but that's not how Fox News saw it. ᔥ Bloomberg
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be live on your TV (and online) reacting to the election results in real time Tuesday night. ᔥ Comedy Central
The New York Times' public editor thinks Nate Silver's bet with Joe Scarborough was a bad move. ᔥ NYTimes
No matter what happens on Election Day this year, it probably won’t as terrible as what happened to Franklin Pierce. ᔥ Death + Taxes
Roger Ailes really wanted to help the Bush Adminstration "off the record" in 2005. ᔥ Gawker
Does Axelrod Still Have His Mustache? ᔥ
Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen will both appear at an Obama rally on Monday, which of course leads to predictions about #JayZSpringsteenSongs. ᔥ TPM
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Mitt Romney vs. Hurricane Sandy

Thanks to, this ad will run in Ohio and Virginia in the final days before the election.

LETTERMAN: Joe Biden Early Voting Top Ten

Still no sign of Mitt Romney anywhere near the Ed Sullivan Theater, but tonight Vice President Joe Biden makes an appearance via satellite on the Late Show to talk about why early voting is so important.

NEW LEFT MEDIA: Ohio Romney Rally

The New Left Media team, who famously caught Tea Partiers making fools of themselves at the Tax Day and Glenn Beck rallies in 2010, hit a Romney event in Ohio to talk to his supporters.

THE SIMPSONS: Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

Sitting beside his binders full of women, Mr. Burns finally endorses Mitt Romney, with a little help from Seamus the dog.

Mitt Romney Heckled By Climate Change Protester in Virginia

Mitt Romney had nothing to say to a protester who said climate change caused Hurricane Sandy in Virginia today. Chanting "USA!" won't do anything to prevent extreme weather events.

Donald Trump Tells Obama He Missed His Arbitrary Blackmail Deadline

In case anyone's still listening, Donald Trump announces that it's too late for President Obama to get $5 million for his favorite charity. "This is a very, very sad day for the United States of America."

Obama Returns to Hope after Hurricane Sandy

Reenergized after his break from campaigning, President Obama was back to hopeful 2008 form in Wisconsin today at his first campaign rally since Hurricane Sandy hit.

UCB: Mitt Romney is Autistic

Upright Citizens Brigade makes a last minute accusation about Mitt Romney that makes way too much sense and could tip the election.

JIMMY KIMMEL: David Letterman Full Interview

Jimmy Kimmel sat down with his idol for nearly 20 minutes last night in Brooklyn and it was just a magical as he could have hoped.

LAST WORD: Mitt Romney's 'Storm Relief Event'

Lawrence O'Donnell systematically breaks down all of the hypocrisy evident at Mitt Romney's "storm relief event" in Ohio yesterday, including Romney's analogy between the Hurricane relief effort and his experience cleaning up after a high school football game.

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JIMMY KIMMEL: What a Brooklyn Barbershop Thinks About Romney

Jimmy Kimmel went to a barbershop in Brooklyn to get ideas on how Mitt Romney could close the gap with African-Americans.

COLBERT REPORT: Hurricane Sandy's Political Implications

Unlike Chris Christie, Stephen Colbert is very concerned with the political implications of Hurricane Sandy, including Mitt Romney's questionable stance on FEMA.