Saturday, November 3, 2012

SNL: Mitt Romney's Closing Argument on Weekend Update

Unfortunately it wasn't the real Mitt Romney sitting down for a chat with Seth Meyers, but Jason Sudeikis made a pretty convincing case for the candidate.

SNL: Louis CK is 'Lincoln'

On SNL, Louie becomes Lincoln and Louis CK debuts some new material about slavery.

SNL: Bloomberg and Christie on Hurricane Sandy

The last SNL cold open before the election didn't feature President Obama or Mitt Romney, but it did have their surrogates giving updates on Hurricane Sandy.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Chris Rock's Message For White Voters

Chris Rock wants the nation's possibly racist undecided voters to know that President Obama is whiter than they think.

Will Ferrell Will Do Anything To Get You To Vote Obama

Vote for Obama. "It's a slam dunk."

BILL MAHER: 'If It’s Obama, America Wins, If It’s Romney, Comedy Wins'

Bill Maher closes out his final pre-election show with a New Rule about the highs and lows of the 2012 campaign.