Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FOX NEWS: Bill O'Reilly Blames Hurricane Sandy for Romney Loss

Polls are still closing around the country and Bill O'Reilly is already writing Mitt Romney's obituary, which includes the line "Americans like storms."

Rush Limbaugh Raps Jay-Z's '99 Problems'

If nothing else good happens today, at least we have this audio of Rush Limbaugh rapping Jay-Z's updated version of "99 Problems."

SECOND CITY: Andy Cobb on Ohio Voter Suppression

Second City's Andy Cobb travels to Ohio to find out why people have to wait in such long lines.

ONN: Election Day Takes Over Facebook and Twitter

The Onion News Network has some tips on how to avoid your friends' inane Election Day status updates.

How To Avoid Unbearable Facebook Bullshit On Election Day

MSNBC: Chris Matthews Says If You Don't Vote, 'You're an Idiot'

Chris Matthews delivers his own brand of voting PSA on MSNBC for Election Day.

Obama Calls Supporter Who Doesn't Know Who He Is

After everything he's been through, President Obama called a supporter from his Chicago headquarters today who apparently didn't know who he was.

LETTERMAN: Mitt Romney Calls Dave

David Letterman couldn't get Mitt Romney on his show before Election Day, but last night he got the next best thing: a phone call about cereal.


Jimmy Kimmel Live goes out on Hollywood Boulevard to ask people if they had voted yet, on Monday.

CONAN: 'Final Days of the Campaign Can Get a Little Salty'

America's local news anchors think the campaign has been getting a "little salty" in these final days.

JIMMY FALLON: If Puppies Could Vote

If Jimmy Fallon's puppy is right, it will be terrible for America, but great for Jimmy's Romney impression.

COLBERT REPORT: Mitt Romney Predicts 'A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow'

Stephen Colbert really had no choice but to open his final pre-election show with coverage of Mitt Romney using his Colbert Super PAC slogan. "I think that proves that Mitt is a candidate just as serious and sincere as I am."

Bad Lip Reading - 2012 Debate Highlights

Bad Lip Reading presents one more political video before Election Day is over.