Thursday, November 8, 2012

KEY AND PEELE: Obama and Luther Concession Speech

Obama and his anger translator Luther released a victorious video on Election Night, but now we know they also had this one in their back pocket.
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FOX NEWS: Karl Rove Accuses Obama of 'Suppressing the Vote'

After Karl Rove's arrogant and irrational display on Fox News Tuesday night, you would think he might take a few days off.
But no, there he was again today informing Megyn Kelly that President Obama only won re-election by "suppressing" the Republican vote with his attacks on Mitt Romney's character. If you are not allowed to campaign against your opponent and convince the electorate to vote for you instead, then all politicians might as well just give up now.

CONAN: Diane Sawyer Wasn't The Only Drunk Anchor on Election Night

Using what can only be referred to as "Drunk Jeff Goldblum" technology, Conan O'Brien shows that Diane Sawyer wasn't the only one who had some drinks before going on TV Tuesday night.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Today's Vice-Presidential Election

This fall, Jimmy Kimmel Live asked people if they watched the first debate before it happened, if they watched the first lady debate and if they voted the day before Election Day. Now, the political Lie Witness News series concludes with a question about the vice-presidential election.

LETTERMAN: Farewell to Mitt Romney

David Letterman says goodbye to his favorite presidential candidate.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Colbert Mourns Mitt Romney's Loss

Stephen Colbert is having a rough time recovering from a devastating election night.

MORNING JOE: David Axelrod Returns to Settle Mustache Bet

David Axelrod is so eager to shave his mustache of 40 years that he's now telling Joe Scarborough he'll shave it if they can raise $1 million for epilepsy research.

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DAILY SHOW: Karl Rove Does Math To Help Himself Feel Better

Jon Stewart gleefully examines election night from the perspective of Karl Rove on Fox News.