Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ED SHOW: Mitt Romney on Obama's 'Gifts'

Ed Schultz says Mitt Romney "doubled down" on his 47 percent comments in an exit interview today.

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Ron Paul Praises the Internet in Farewell Congressional Speech

Rep. Ron Paul gave one more shout-out to the kids in his final address before Congress, saying that the internet will "provide the alternative to government media complex that controls the news."

John McCain Renews Attacks Against Obama on Benghazi

Senator John McCain is the first to take President Obama up on his offer to go after him instead of Susan Rice on the Benghazi issue.

Obama Has Got Susan Rice's Back in Press Conference

President Obama invites the wrath of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Benghazi.
"When they go after the UN ambassador, because they think she’s an easy target, then they’ve got a problem with me."

Daniel Craig is David Petraeus in 'All In' Trailer

If the David Petraeus scandal was a James Bond movie.
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JIMMY FALLON: Legalizing Marijuana Pros and Cons

Now that two more states have legalized marijuana, Jimmy Fallon takes a look at the pros and cons.

JIMMY KIMMEL: The Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo Guy

Jimmy Kimmel tries to get inside the head of the guy who tattooed the Romney/Ryan logo on his face.

Luke Russert Calls Nancy Pelosi Old

Luke Russert gets booed by female members of Congress and the press when he asks Nancy Pelosi if she's too old to be leading the Democrats in the House.
"Let's for a moment honor it as a legitimate question, although it's quite offensive, but you don't realize that I guess."
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COLBERT REPORT: 2072 Speculation Begins

With other pundits speculating about 2016, Stephen Colbert skips straight to the 2072 race.

DAILY SHOW: Jason Sudeikis on Romney and Biden

SNL's Jason Sudeikis talks to Jon Stewart about his win-win situation of playing both Mitt Romney and Joe Biden.
Sudeikis also proved to be more knowledgable than Stewart about at least one piece of political trivia. He correctly pointed out that in the rare case of an electoral college tie, with a Republican House and Democratic Senate we could have ended up with a Romney-Biden administration.
UPDATE: On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart apologized to Jason Sudeikis for shooting down his Romney/Biden theory.