Friday, November 30, 2012

THE OFFICE: Dwight and Angela Learn About Gay Sex

The first scene of The Office is often the funniest part of the show, but last night they saved the best for last.

1600 PENN: Walking and Talking

NBC's new "First Family comedy" is really taking the inevitable West Wing comparisons head on.

Obama Warns of 'Scrooge Christmas'

President Obama says that if Congress fails to extend the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, the fiscal cliff will deliver a "Scrooge Christmas."

B.S. REPORT: Nate Silver on Sports and Politics

There are no two better people than Nate Silver and Bill Simmons to make political sports analogies.

TODAY SHOW: Matt Lauer Reacts to Jay Leno's 'Germaphobe' Bit

The Today Show makes Matt Lauer suffer through Jay Leno's brutal mocking of his notorious "germaphobia."

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CONAN: Jason Sudeikis' Mitt Romney Impression Tips

Jason Sudeikis shows Conan O'Brien how his Mitt Romney impression is basically just a black comedian doing a white voice.

COLBERT REPORT: Killing Bill O'Reilly

After Bill O'Reilly told Jon Stewart his new book will be called "Killing Colbert," Stephen Colbert launches a campaign to outsell O'Reilly's current book "Killing Kennedy" with his own America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't.

DAILY SHOW: Deranged Millionaire John Hodgman

Deranged Millionaire John Hodgman speaks up for the disenfranchised job creators after President Obama's re-election.

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Reenacts Obama and Romney's White House Lunch

There were no video cameras allowed in the Obama/Romney White House summit, but Jon Stewart imagined how their conversation might have gone. "Hey, Romney, what's up man? Isn't it funny, you almost lived here!"