Sunday, December 2, 2012

Obama Honors Letterman for Kennedy Center

President Obama pays tribute to David Letterman, Dustin Hoffman and Led Zeppelin and others at the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony, which will be broadcast on December 26th.
On the red carpet before the ceremony, Letterman said when he first heard he was getting the honor, he knew there had been a "mix-up in accounting."
Comedian Ray Romano helped introduce Letterman and worked in a joke about President Obama's first debate performance.

GIFs From Last Week | Lawrence O'Donnell Praises Ricky Gervais, Bill O'Reilly Dances 'Gangnam Style' and More

Look back at the week in politics through animated GIFs, courtesy of GIFs From Last Night.
Jamie Foxx pays tribute to President Obama at the Soul Train Awards.
Lawrence O’Donnell pits Evangelical Pat Robertson against atheist Ricky Gervais.
Bill O’Reilly just now discovered “Gangnam Style.”
Stephen Colbert explains the fiscal cliff.
Happy Holidays from Bo Obama!
Jon Stewart reenacts President Obama and Mitt Romney’s White House lunch date.

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FACE THE NATION: Mitt Romney Could Have Learned From Gracious Loser Bob Dole

Unlike Bob Dole in 1996, Mitt Romney didn't get the chance to make self-deprecating jokes about losing the presidential race when he visited the White House this week.

MEET THE PRESS: Claire McCaskill Asks 'Who is Grover Norquist?'

Claire McCaskill cannot figure out how Grover Norquist got to be the most powerful man in America.
"I just met him for the first time this morning. Nice to meet him. But, you know, who is he?"

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FOX NEWS: Jay Leno's Benghazi Joke a Sign That Mainstream Media is 'Catching On'

In his monologue Thursday night, Jay Leno made this joke about the press' response to the Benghazi story:
"This week, CBS News became the first news organization, besides Fox, to ask President Obama who changed the Benghazi talking points. See this is very dangerous for the White House is journalists should suddenly start asking real questions."
Now, Fox News is using Leno's joke as an indicator that the mainstream media has finally come around to their side of the issue.