Monday, December 3, 2012

LETTERMAN: Led Zeppelin's Viking Sex Music

David Letterman tries to find some common ground with fellow Kennedy Center Honorees Led Zeppelin.

Secretary Kerry vs. President McCain

Senators John McCain and John Kerry have some fun with each other.
"This is what happens when you get two losers up here."

ONN: Congress Arrested on Manslaughter Charges

Unfortunate news today as every member of Congress has been arrested for manslaughter.

Congress Arrested On Manslaughter Charges

MSNBC: Jimmy Carter Praises Grandson for Releasing Romney's 47 Percent Tape

Now that the election is over, Former President Jimmy Carter could openly name his grandson's orchestration of the infamous Mitt Romney 47 percent video the turning point of the race.

Kid Rock to Obama: 'No Hard Feelings'

Kid Rock and President Obama got a chance to reconcile at last night's Kennedy Center Honors ceremony, with the president saying "I'm still here" and the rapper/rocker/country star assuring him there are "no hard feelings" for all those terrible things he said in the name of Mitt Romney.

How Stephen Colbert Inspired John Hodgman

On SiriusXM's "Unmasked," John Hodgman tells the story about how Stephen Colbert taught him to never be embarrassed.

MORNING JOE: Chuck Todd's 'Lincoln' Fiscal Cliff Analogy

Chuck Todd asked an anonymous White House aide about the similarities between Lincoln's fight for the 13th amendment and Obama's vow the raise tax rates on the wealthy and got this "interesting and depressing observation":
"With the way politics in Washington are today, there would still be slavery."