Thursday, December 6, 2012

PIERS MORGAN: Alec Baldwin Decries 'Gotcha Journalism'

Infamous paparazzi hater Alec Baldwin and notorious tabloid editor Piers Morgan have a fundamental disagreement about the role of celebrity media.

JAY LENO: Bill O'Reilly's War on Christmas

Bill O'Reilly brings his War on Christmas to the Tonight Show and throws in an Obama Muslim joke for good measure.

LETTERMAN: Bill Murray's Dramatic Arrival

This is apparently what it takes to get Bill Murray to appear on the Late Show.

Mitch McConnell Filibusters His Own Bill

Mitch McConnell attempting to filibuster his own debt ceiling bill is just as boring as you would think it would be.

John Hodgman's Survival Tips for the Mayan Apocalypse

John Hodgman offers some practical advice on how to live past December 21, 2012.

COLBERT REPORT: Rick Santorum Helps Kill UN Disability Rights Treaty

Stephen Colbert checks back in with "Dr. Rick Santorum's Imaginarium," who came out of the woodwork to make sure disabled people around the world don't get the same rights as Americans.

DAILY SHOW: John Kerry Makes Jon Stewart Laugh

Jon Stewart was very impressed by "Secretary" John Kerry's snappy comeback to "President" John McCain this week.