Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 CONCERT: Drunk Uncle with Seth Meyers

Towards the end of the 12-12-12 Concert, Seth Meyers brought Bobby Moynihan's Drunk Uncle out on stage to talk about his ex-wife Sandy.

12-12-12 CONCERT: Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon and More Backstage

The comedians who introduced some of the biggest rock bands of all time talk about the 12-12-12 Concert and Hurricane Sandy backstage at MSG.

BRITISH COMEDY AWARDS: Ali G Accepts Award for Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen accepts the Outstanding Achievement Award as Ali G.

12-12-12 CONCERT: Adam Sandler Sings 'Hallelujah' for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Unless Kanye West repeats his Hurricane Katrina outburst, this updated Leonard Cohen cover (titled "Sandy, Screw Ya") from Adam Sandler and Paul Shaffer will most likely go down as the most ridiculous thing to happen at tonight's 12-12-12 Concert.

Trailer: Adult Swim's 'Newsreaders'

A fake news magazine show from the people who brought you Children's Hospital, premiering January 17th on Adult Swim.

ONN: The Pope Gives Up Catholicism

The Pope finally started tweeting today, but now he's taking his youth outreach efforts to the next level.

Pope To Identify With Catholic Youth By Giving Up On Catholicism

CNN: Politifact Awards 'Lie of the Year' to Mitt Romney

Bill Adair, founder and editor of, announces Mitt Romney as the winner of the prestigious "Lie of the Year" award on CNN.

Darrell Hammond Does Al Sharpton at Current's 'Comics with Benefits'

Darrell Hammond tells Joy Behar that he thinks Al Sharpton is "the most interesting voice in politics" before nailing the impression.

COLBERT REPORT: Gay Conversion Therapy

Stephen Colbert looks at the controversial world of gay conversion therapy.

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Raps for Michigan's Union Workers

Jon Stewart takes inspiration from Eminem's 8 Mile to show his support for Michigan's union protesters.