Friday, December 14, 2012

PIERS MORGAN: 'How Many More Kids Have to Die?'

I've stayed away from the Sandy Hook, Connecticut shooting story today because there's nothing funny about it and it's pretty much most depressing thing that I can remember happening in this country.
But I have to give some attention to Piers Morgan's unrelenting attacks on Second Amendment advocates who think more guns is the answer.

JIMMY KIMMEL: What is the Fiscal Cliff?

Jimmy Kimmel tries to find out if regular Americans have any idea what the fiscal cliff is.

LETTERMAN: Chris Christie Too Heavy Top Ten

After Barbara Walters asked Chris Christie is he's too fat to be president, David Letterman (who has struggled to make "non-fat jokes" about the New Jersey governor) counts down the "Top Ten Signs You're Too Heavy to Be President."

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Colbert Donates Super PAC Money

Stephen Colbert announces that the Ham Rove Memorial Fund has decided where to distribute Colbert Super PAC's $773,704.83 in leftover funds.

DAILY SHOW: Wyatt Cenac's Final Report

In his final report for The Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac travels to Puerto Rico to learn the value of puppets in journalism.