Monday, December 17, 2012

CONAN: Conan O'Brien Addresses Newtown Shooting

Conan O'Brien decided tonight wasn't the night to try to find jokes in the news and instead skipped straight to silly comedy.

Top 5 Funniest Web Series of 2012

For the most part, Gotcha Media covers politics, comedy and everywhere the two intersect. But over on, I post all types of funny videos and feature the ones people are sharing the most on the home page.
This year, a lot of the content has come from TV, but some of the most popular videos are episodic web series with the backing of comedy icons like Jerry Seinfeld and Ben Stiller. Below are the top five web series that made me laugh this year.
5. Neil's Puppet Dreams | Just after Thanksgiving, the Nerdist YouTube channel dropped the first episode of one of their most charming and ambitious shows yet.
4. Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! | HBO premiered two great comedies this year, but only one was on TV. Zach Galifinakis produced this fascinating and disturbing look inside his friend Brody Stevens' mind. And on top of that, it's directed by the guy who made Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.
3. Reggie Makes Music | Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! IFC show was almost as funny as his podcast by the same name. But some of the most enjoyable segments happened online, like this series in which band leader Reggie Watts improvises music with guests like Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Banks and Michael Cera.
2. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee | As Larry David said in the first episode of Jerry Seinfeld's (relatively) big budget web series, "You've finally done the show about nothing." The pinnacle came in the sublimely weird season finale when Michael Richards addressed his infamous outburst.
1. Burning Love | Ken Marino's brilliant parody of The Bachelor was easily as funny as anything on TV this year. And now they have Adam Scott, Nick Kroll, Martin Starr and a bunch of other hilarious men lined up for season two. Watch the trailer below and then do yourself a favor and make your way through the whole thing on Yahoo! Screen.

CNN: Quentin Tarantino on Newtown Shooting

Quentin Tarantino casually compares himself to Shakespeare in his argument against blaming violent entertainment for real-life tragedies.

'Gangnam Style' 2012 Year in Review

Official Comedy recaps the biggest memes and stories of the year to the tune of "Gangnam Style."