Thursday, December 20, 2012

JIMMY FALLON: Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld in 'Who's On First?': The Sequel

Billy Crystal is Who and Jerry Seinfeld is I Don't Know in the sequel to "Who's On First?"

Rebel Wilson Is Hosting the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Nice choice, MTV

Trailer: 'This Is The End'

Celebrate tomorrow's Mayan apocalypse with James Franco, Seth Rogen and all of their friends (except for Michael Cera).

ONN: SEAL Team Six Hosts SNL

The Onion News Network reports on the recent SEAL Team Six-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live.

CONAN: Aubrey Plaza Stole From the White House

While Amy Poehler was gushing over Vice President Joe Biden, Aubrey Plaza was stealing things from his desk.

Let President Obama Be Clear

TIME Magazine zeroes in one the most-used phrase of President Obama's first four years.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Santa Claus on the 'War on Christmas'

Fox and Friends goes straight to the source for this special report on the "War on Christmas."