Tuesday, January 8, 2013

JAY LENO: Josh Gad Gets Ready to Meet Obama

1600 Penn's Josh Gad shows off what he's planning to wear when he shows President Obama two episodes of his new show at the White House.

CONAN: Alex Jones Shoots Piers Morgan

Conan O'Brien thinks he knows which one is the gun nut in this debate between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones.

LETTERMAN: Brian Williams Does Regis Philbin Impression

Brian Williams revives his dead-on Regis impression for the Late Show.

JIMMY FALLON: White Lies with Betty White

Betty White appears on a special segment of "Night News Now."

DAILY SHOW: House GOP's Hurricane Sandy Aid Fail

In his first show of 2013, Jon Stewart is completely fed up with the House GOP's failure to pass an aid package for Hurricane Sandy victims.

JAY LENO: Bill Maher Compares Donald Trump to 'Syphilitic' Orangutan

Bill Maher will give $5 million to Donald Trump if he can prove he's not the spawn of an an orangutan.