Friday, January 18, 2013

JIMMY FALLON: Lance Armstrong Country Song

Jimmy Fallon sings "You're A Crazy Bitch (But You Ain't Fat)" for Lance Armstrong.

BILL MAHER: 'Gun Nuts' and the Second Amendment

Bill Maher's final New Rule in his first show of 2013 takes on "America's gun nuts" who are scared of losing their Second Amendment rights, when they should be scared of losing everything else.

JIMMY FALLON: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Literal DVD Commentary

Arnold Schwarzenegger records more literal DVD commentary for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

TOTALLY BIASED: W. Kamau Bell Calls For 'No Guns At All!'

W. Kamau Bell opens his new season with an impassioned rhyme about getting rid of all guns in America.

JIMMY KIMMEL: 'What Did You Think Of The Inauguration Yesterday?'

The latest edition of "Lie Witness News" asks people what they thought about President Obama's second inauguration... a few days before it's scheduled to take place.

DAILY SHOW / COLBERT REPORT: Stewart and Colbert Take on 'King Obama'

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert each dedicated parts of their shows last night to conservatives' fears that President Obama has become a tyrant.