Friday, February 1, 2013

BILL MAHER: Sarah Palin Leaves Fox News, Joins Glenn Beck

In his final New Rule of the night, Bill Maher gives Sarah Palin some advice on what to do now she's no longer working for Fox News.

NEWSREADERS: Kumail Nanjiani on Body Shaving

Kumail Nanjiani takes a look at the environmental impact of Brazil's body hair removal industry.

TOTALLY BIASED: The Most Racist Things Of All Time

In honor of VW's new Super Bowl ad, W. Kamau Bell reviews his list of the most racist things of all time.

30 ROCK: Conan O'Brien as Liz Lemon's Ex-Boyfriend

Conan O'Brien had the best cameo on 30 Rock's series finale.

DAILY SHOW: Does Obama Really Go Skeet Shooting 'All The Time?'

Jon Stewart takes on the President Obama skeet-shooting conspiracy theory.
“Why won’t the black man half the country lives in fear of release a picture of himself holding a gun?”